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Another Semester has Gone by and the Summer Session is now Open

There has been quite a few behind the scenes changes this last semester that I thought I should let you know about. Before I get to them, I need to remind you to sign up ASAP for summer classes. The campus has a new class cancellation policy that causes them to drop classes for low enrollment earlier than they have done in the past. This means that a class you are thinking about may be canceled weeks before it starts because everyone else is justy thinking about it also.

Classes for this summer include:
SET 205 Accident Investigation ** This class is ONLY taught during the summer online and is a 8 Week course
SET 115 Workplace Safety for Employees ** This is the General Industry course that follows the OSHA 10 Hour curriculum and students completing the course will receive the OSHA 10 Hour card upon successful completion. This class is being taught (In-Person) on the Roswell Campus for 2-Days only June 29 – 30 From 7am till 3pm both days.
SET 109 H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness ** This class is being taught (In-Person) on the Roswell Campus for 2-Days only July 1-2 From 7am till 3pm both days. Students completing this course will receive an H2S Awareness card.
SET 113 Intro into Safety Principles of Construction. ** This class is a very informative class that covers the “How and What” of construction terminology, what items look like and the basics of construction. The idea behind this class is to give a safety professional enough information and knowledge about how things are done on a construction site that they could carry on a conversation with construction personnel and know what they are talking about and the principles behind what they are doing.
SET 114 Workplace Safety for Employees– Construction (On-Line) This class is similar to the general industry class but for construction. You will not receive a card for this class until you attend an on-campus training session during the next year (for free). We normally meet on a weekend for the training session.
Students need to sign up this week if they can or call / email me that they are interested in order for me to keep the class open. 575-624-7381 (leave a message) or mike.oberry@roswell.enmu,edu

New for 2015
• The National Center for Environmental Health and Safety Education ( site is up and running and I am adding new information every day. We are also offering 4 new certifications that many of you may have already qualified for. Make sure you get with me to see what you already have.

• If you have not signed up for Linked in then you need to today. It is a great site for meeting and talking with other safety professionals. If you link to ( you will be added to a network of ENMUR Safety Students and find out about special training, trips, and other things of interest.

• Fall Classes are now open as well. We have lots of new classes that we have not previously offered to include:
o CTE 230 Developing Leadership and Supervision
o SET 104 Hazard Control Engineering
o SET 107 Intro to Environmental Health
o SET 109 H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness
o SET 113 Intro to Safety Principles of Construction
o SET 114 Workplace Safety for Employees – Construction (8-week)
o SET 115 Workplace Safety for Employees – General Industry (8-week)
o SET 201 Bio Mechanics / Ergonomics
o SET 231 Understanding OSHA – General Industry **(8-week)
o SET 232 Understanding OSHA – Construction **(8-week)
o SET 233 Oil and Gas Regulations ** (8-week)

• ** Set 231, 232, and 233 are new classes in which we walk through the regulation and learn what it actually says. I have taught similar classes to these in the past and students come away with a deep understanding of the regulation and comment that they are some of the best classes they have taken in their careers.
Well that about wraps it up for today. Keep visiting the website to keep up with new developments in your careerfield.