2015 Fall Schedule… Classes Start Mid August, Sign up Today!

2015 Fall Schedule

Classes Start Mid August, Sign up Today!

SET 104                 4cr.         Hazard Control Engineering                                         On-line or In-class

SET 107                 3cr.         Introduction to Environmental Health                    On-line or In-class

SET 109                 1cr.         H2S Awareness (7am class)                                         In-class

SET 113                 1cr.         Intro to Design Prin of Const                                       On-line

SET 114                 1cr.         Workplace Safety for Employees Const                 On-line or In-class

SET 115                 1cr.         Workplace Safety for Employees Gen Ind             On-line or In-class

SET 201                 4cr.         Biomechanics / Ergonomics                                         On-line

CTE 230                 2cr.         Developing Leadership                                                  On-line

SET 231                 2cr.         Understanding OSHA Regs Gen Ind                         On-line

SET 232                 2cr.         Understanding OSHA Regs Const                              On-line

SET 233                 2cr.         Understanding OSHA Oil and Gas                             On-line

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