NCEHSE to Offer Trenching and Excavation Competent Person Class

September 23 and 24 at the OTC Building ENMUR campus, Roswell NM
Instructor: Michael O’Berry
If you scratch the surface of the Earth, you may need this course. The course covers the regulatory requirements and hands on training involved in being named as the “Competent Person” while digging a trench. OSHA regulations define the job duties of the competent person and make it mandatory that employers designate trained and responsible persons for all trenching or excavation work being done. Class includes hands on workshops where student learn how to do the required test(s) and identify hazardous conditions that could lead to a cave-in. Many companies will train everyone involved in trenching in the duties of the designated “Competent Person”. This class will also include discussions on the new trenching regulation changes and confined space references where applicable. If you are doing pipeline inspections or digging any type of trench, this class is for you!
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