New Fall Protection and Train the Trainer Classes

• Fall Protection Competent Person [3-day class] Dec 2-4, 2015
Course covers the technical requirements found in both USACE, ANSI, 29CFR 1910, and 1926, (General Industry and Construction) for fall protection training. Training involves identifying potential fall hazards at jobsites, selecting the right equipment for anchorage points, fall protection plans, and personal fall arrest system inspection criteria. Program management, fall protection plan, regulatory requirements of a Competent Person and multi-employer duties are also addressed.

• Train the Professional Trainer [2-day class]  Dec 5-6, 2015                           ENMUR/NCEHSE RATE…$295 pp
OSHA and other standards require that employers only use qualified trainers to conduct courses and teach material to workers. The responsibility goes further by requiring employers to “vet” or qualify who they choose to do their training. This becomes difficult because companies many times do not know the qualifications of the trainers they hire. OSHA does not approve, certify, or endorse individual trainers or training programs. The standard identifies qualified trainers as those who have satisfactorily completed an instructional program (train-the-trainer) or who otherwise have the academic credentials and instructional experience necessary to teach a training program. In other words, a trainer must be able to demonstrate proficiency and understanding of the material to be transmitted to trainees and have some credentials or experience in training adults. Trainers must also continue to attend training in order to maintain their knowledge and skills. To meet this requirement a professional trainer needs to have three things. Technical training on the subject, experience, and the ability to teach adults. This course covers what it takes to apply technical training and experience with the skills needed by trainers to conduct professional training. ANSI / OSHA / and other standards are reviewed to educate students on the essentials of course design, curriculum, presentation, and instructional needs of diverse students. This performance level course coupled with technical education and experience will meet the training needs of many standards for “qualified Instructors / Trainers”.

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