OSHA Documentation Deadline is Here!

Paperwork jungle

If you are responsible for the OSHA 300 log at your company then you are all too familiar with the 1 February posting deadline for the annual summary. What you may or may not know is that in 2015 some of the record keeping requirements changed and some exceptions were eliminated. As a former State inspector and consultant for many large corporations (35 years), I have found that companies both large and small many times do not know how to correctly report accidents, injuries, or hospitalization / first aid incidents and often over-report occurrences that lead to increases in their insurance premiums. Beyond the possible fines for misreporting, litigation, and unnecessary training; lack of knowledge cost industry millions of dollars each year. With OSHA’s enactment of the multi-employer work site policy, many companies have discovered that they were responsible for their subcontractor’s employees and that their choice of vendors could affect their ability to procure bigger contracts.
With this in mind, the National Center for EHS Education (NCEHSE) has developed a series of 1 day classes that teach the essentials of record keeping. Our classes’ focus on the requirements that all companies show know and understand. We walk you through the elements of the regulations, what to report, and what not to report, what is medical treatment, and how to properly document training that could keep you out of court. The three class series can be taken individually or as a set (discounts offered for taking all three). Each class will help you to understand what OSHA and industry are looking for and help you document your training program correctly. Don’t delay, documentation requirements for 2016 could change and you need to be ready for closer scrutiny of your records.
As always, NCEHSE recommends that before you attend any training, check the credentials of the person doing the training. You will find that NCEHSE instructors are leaders in their field and can deliver training that is informative, accurate, and enjoyable. We offer open enrollment classes at our NCEHSE/ENMUR campus in Roswell NM or we can set up classes at your facility. Call 575-624-7381 / 624-7164


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