ENMUR and NCEHSE Announces Fall Classes for their Degree and Certification classes

ENMUR and NCEHSE Announces Fall Classes for their degree and certification classes. These accredited  courses are 16 weeks in length (except 109 & 115 which are 2- 8 hour days) and can be applied towards the degree or certifications offered. Tuition is as low as $69 per credit hour with financial aid and PEL grants available. We are VA approved and are a part of the Western Undergraduate Exchange (http://www.wiche.edu/wue) that offers reduced rates for students in selected states. Students can select between in-class or on-line classes and special 1-4 day classes are available throughout the academic year.

This semester we are offering academic classes in:

SET 105 (3 credit hr)        Safety Report Writing and Analytical Methods (a must for any college student)

SET 106 (3 credit hr)        Safety Information Management (How to develop and run a safety program)

SET 109 (1 credit hr)        Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness (Covers H2S with focus on working in the oil field)

SET 110 (3 credit hr)        Survey of Environmental Careers (A short look at what it takes to be a EHS pro)

SET 115 (1 credit hr)        Workplace Safety for Employees (A must for all workers- includes OSHA 10 )

SET 201 (4 credit hr)        Biomechanics and Ergonomics (Covers how to prevent injuries in the workplace)

SET 206 (4 credit hr)        Introduction to Industrial Toxicology (Covers chemicals in the workplace)

SET 209 (3 credit hr)        Training Methods of Safety (Covers how to train adults in the workplace)

For more information contact Michael O’Berry at 575-624-7381 or visit www.ncehsedu.com

Download the ENMUR catalog at: http://www.roswell.enmu.edu/catalogs/catalog.pdf

Search the fall schedule at:  https://ssb.enmu.edu:8911/ROSW/schedule.p_Classes?TRM=201611&SBJ=&INS=&CTY=

Register for classes online at: https://ssb.enmu.edu:8911/ROSW/twbkwbis.P_GenMenu?name=homepage

Books that will be used in the Fall 2016 ENMUR Safety Engineering and Environmental Management Classes.

Fall class book

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