OSHA…..New Rules, New Fines, New Headaches!

2016 Recordkeeping 02

2016 has been a banner year for new changes in OSHA record keeping, new fines, and how OSHA conducts business. Most record keeping classes only touch on some of the requirements of record keeping and its importance. This class goes beyond other recordkeeping classes to include JSA’s, NEW CFR1904 Compliance, Multi-Employer Worksites, and Training Record Creation / Maintenance. With the majority of OSHA write-ups centering on record keeping and how you document accidents and injuries many companies are simply waiting for a citation that tells them what they need instead of learning how to avoid the citation altogether. The idea behind this class is to bring most companies up to speed on how to correctly document and identify training, accidents, and work requirements that help create a program that can save money and easier integrate itself with 3rd party software like ISNet World and similar data systems. Many companies find record keeping hard and confusing. This class demystifies the process with hands-on workshops, real world answers to real world questions and templates that students can use you streamline their system back on-the-job. Sign up by calling 575-624-7381 or visit www.ncehsedu.com

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