Not Your Normal Train-The- Trainer

For 37 Years I have been teaching, inspecting, and talking to individuals from all over the world about safety and training adults. I have taken and or even designed many of the courses used by training organizations that teach others how to train adults.2016 NCEHSE Pro Trainer and dEV These classes have all had one thing in common and that was how they introduced a little about a specialized subject and then finished with a section on how to train adults. When you took a second train-the-trainer class in a different subject, it would again introduce a little about the subject and again finish with a section on how to train adults. Unfortunately, it many times was the same section you got from the first class!

Training the Professional Trainer is a class unlike other train-the-trainer classes in that it focuses on the mechanics and skills needed to professionally present, instruct, and educate trainers so they can do the same with their adult learners. Training adults in technical subjects involves being able to identify & address different learning styles, hurdles, retention, and regulatory requirements that other similar classes do not have the time to do. We use ANSI guidelines coupled with validated teaching practices to meet OSHA, ANSI, USACE, and other agency requirements for content and delivery.

The goal of the Training the Professional Trainer course is to help other trainers take their classes to the next level of professionalism by showing them how to make their classes enjoyable, relevant, and memorable to their students. If students don’t enjoy the learning experience then how can they be expected to remember what was covered?

Just a few of the topics we will cover:

  • Identifying learning characteristics of adults
  • Using the environment to create a memorable experience
  • Characteristics of effective training
  • Strategies for instruction, material retention, and when things go wrong
  • Meeting performance objectives and sequencing of learning events
  • Regulatory requirements for training and proper documentation
  • Making your class enjoyable and relevant to workers
  • How color, movement, and flare can add to or distract from a presentation
  • Evaluating understanding and course outcomes

## While not required… students are encouraged to bring their laptops to use in the class.

When you couple our Training the Professional Trainer class with your experience or any of our Competent Person in _____________________ classes you meet many of the requirements agencies mandate for experience, technical expertise, and or formal training in adult learning. The coursework, workbooks, and hands-on workshops help explain the “how-to’s” of training adults. Students will actually modify and deliver a presentation and work on making it better.

For those students that are interested in going past presenting prepackaged presentations professionally, we offer a continuation of the class in which we show students how to develop and create their own customized classes.

In our Developing Qualified and Competent Worker Training class, students study the differences and requirements of developing coursework that meets the regulatory requirements for Qualified, Competent, Authorized, Affected, and other specialty designations that require a specific level of training. This course goes beyond professionally delivering a class and focuses on the behind- the- scenes skills used to research, cite, evaluate, and produce written text, PowerPoint presentations, video, and animations within a course. If you have ever attended a poorly produced training session then you will understand why this class should be mandatory training for all professional trainers.

Just a few of the topics we will cover:

  • Understanding the requirements for qualified, competent, and other mandatory training
  • Finding and evaluating the right materials for your course
  • Copy writes, trademarks, branding and not getting sued
  • Protecting your content
  • Matching materials and activities to meet objectives
  • Building a presentation that won’t put people to sleep
  • PowerPoint and other ways to lose your audience
  • Adding animation and video to your coursework
  • Evaluating your course to meet requirements

## While not required… students are encouraged to bring their laptops to use in the class.

Either of these classes will help the new to seasoned trainer hone their skills and improve their ability to present an effective class. Naturally, we suggest that you take both classes back to back for a better understanding of professional training. If you can only take one them then the Training the Professional Trainer is for trainers that will use materials from other sources to conduct their classes while the Developing Qualified and Competent Worker Training is for those trainers that want to customize or develop hard to find training on specific subjects. Regardless of which you choose, you will need to contact us to pre-register for the class. Cutoff date for registering for these class is Sunday 5 September 2016. To register, visit   or click on this link to download the registration form  . Simply fill out the form and email it to us or fax it to Jessica at 575-624- 7188. If you would like more information about the classes call 575-624-7381

If you are flying in… American Airlines has daily flights from Dallas and Phoenix (to ROW) that arrive right next to our campus. There are the major car rental companies as well as a public transportation system that picks you up at the airport and drops you at the Fairfield as well as right in front of our class location at Eastern New Mexico University Roswell.

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