2017 Spring Schedule for ENMUR/NCEHSE

The spring schedule for ENMUR Occupational Safety and Environmental Management degree program has been released and is open for enrollment. Classes start mid January and run for 16 weeks both online as well as in class. These classes can be applied towards the degree in Occupational Safety and Environmental Management as well as the certification program. Individuals interested in the fully accredited program can contact the NCEHSE Director at this web site or visit www.roswell.enmu.edu .

The program at ENMUR has been training safety professionals for over 20 years and is fully accredited. Students can take classes online or in the classroom. Tuition for ENMUR is approximately $89 a credit hour with certificates starting at 16 credit hours and full degrees at <70 credit hours. Registration for these classes is at http://www.roswell.enmu.edu

SET 101 Intro to Safety………………… ¬†Online

SET 104 Hazard Control Engineering…Online

SET 107 Intro to Environmental ………Online and in class Mon 9am-Noon

SET 109 H2S Awareness ……………….. In class Feb 9&10 7am – 4pm

SET 113 Princ of Commercial Const …. Online

SET 114 Workplace Safety Const……… Online (16 weeks) or in class (2-days) Jan¬†21&22 8am – 5pm (OSHA 10 Hr)

SET 119 Princ Safety in Food and Hosp. Online

SET 202 Fire Safety & Code Enforce …. Online & in class Mon 1pm – 5pm

SET 240 The Professional Trainer …… Online


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