Competent Person in Trenching and Excavation Class June 22-23

Regardless of the depth, OSHA requires that all trenches be inspected by a designated competent person for possible collapse or other dangers that could be experienced by the workers. OSHA does not recognize experience alone as a qualifier for signing off as the “Competent Person” on the required paperwork / permits and mandates technical training for the person filling that position.

Our “Trenching and Excavation Competent Person” course is based on OSHA, ANSI, and USACE requirements that gives the designated person the technical knowledge needed to inspect and sign inspection documents needed for trenching. Taught by a former inspector, you would be hard pressed to find a better course that meets these requirements. Students attending this course will become familiar with the regulatory requirements, practice identifying different types of soil and rock deposits through hands on workshops, and identify preventative measures that could save time, money, and lives.

This course is revered as one of the top courses in the country by industry and has been acknowledged by the United States Army Corps of Engineers as meeting their requirements for working on installations. The course is fully accredited and qualifies for both certification and college credit. Student successfully passing the course will be awarded both a certificate and photo I.D. card acknowledging their accomplishment and qualification.

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