We are now accepting OTI classes for Credit!

2016_17 NCEHSE csho to credit

Professionals that have taken TEEX, UTA, or other OSHA Technical Institute (OTI) classes across the nation can now have their certificates reviewed and converted to college credit at Eastern New Mexico University Roswell (ENMUR). ENMUR is a fully accredited college as well as one of the most cost effective colleges in the country. A degree as well as four different certifications are available both online and in-class for students to attend. 

What students like about ENMUR is its ability to work with “working” students seeking to advance their carers. A typical 16 week semester is broken down into 8 assignments that are due once every two weeks. This allows the student the flexibility to completed the work on their schedule.

Not only are they VA approved; the ARMY Corps of Engineers USACE has identified ENMUR as meeting the requirements as a source for some of its contractor training. ENMUR courses use The National Safety Council, ANSI, and OSHA, standards to build their course designs and gear the training towards relevant and interesting topics.

Our reputation for content and design has led many large companies in industry to waive their policy requirements for only hiring 4-year degree  professionals to accept the 2-year Associates of Applied Science in Occupational safety Engineering and Environmental Management from ENMUR. Although we offer a 4-year bachelors follow-on degree and four different certifications as well, most students dive right into the AAS degree to jump start their careers. To find out more about classes starting in mid August contact Michael at 575-624-7381.


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