New Classes and Updates for 2018

Keeping the National Center for EHS Education (NCEHSE) at the forefront of training is our mission. For 2018 we will continue to meet ANSI, OSHA, and USACE standards for training and content. There were many changes to OSHA regulations in 2018 and our classes reflect the new materials and requirements.

Along with these new classes NCEHSE is proud to announce the expansion of our affiliate program to not only include corporate partners but individuals as well. We know that once you experience one of our classes that you will return for all of your training. Being a part of our affiliate program entitles you receive a discount for all of your training. All we want you to do is let others know at your company, on your website, or in social media how much you liked our classes. In turn, we will verify your actions and take up to $100 off any class you may take. Straightforward and simple….. help us spread the word and save yourself some money.

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