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The National Center for Environmental Health and Safety Education (NCEHSE) is proud to announce that it is opening its affiliate program to small business and individuals for 2018. This has the potential for individuals to cut thousands off their personal or small entity training over the coming year.

NCEHSE already offers some of the most comprehensive safety and health training in the country. While we view or curriculum as the best, it is difficult for many professionals to attend classes in New Mexico. Once you have taken one of our classes we know that you will return again and again. In fact, many of our students have been attending our classes for years. To make our classes more attractive, we are willing to offer the money we would normally spend on advertising and recruiting to you in the form of savings on your next class.

Here is how it works: Talk up our classes to your friends and mention us on social media, forums, postings, and other forms of communication like Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, G+ and others. Take a screenshot of the post or share and we will take up to $100 off your regularly priced class with us. For every different post, we take $25 off the price of the class. Four screen shots equal $100…. It is that simple. We know that once you take a class from us you will be back so we are looking for a long-term relationship with our students. When you are ready to take another class just do the same thing again and save more money. We trust you….. in fact if you just want to copy the URL of the post and submit that with your registration, we will count that as proof.

Here is the “not so small”  small print. The savings is off our posted 2018 individual class prices located on the ENMU-R campus. You can find these classes listed on our web site at  Corporate pricing, customized training, online classes, or buying the whole class is handled differently and honestly are many times more economical.  When you call 575-624-7164 to register, we will ask you if you are a part of the affiliate program. When you turn in your registration, there will be a spot to link the URL’s or photos.

To see the schedule of classes we are offering visit:   or call 575-624-7381 for more information.

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