The National Center for Environmental Safety and Health Education is the brainchild of former and current state safety, health, environmental, and fire inspectors along with major corporations in the oil, gas, construction, general industry, and education career fields.

The desire was to create a place where individuals entering the safety profession or those with decades of experience could go to find classes or just communicate with other that have the same interest. Professional safety training can be expensive and the lack of qualified trained individuals is a  concern for many companies both large and small.

By working through Eastern New Mexico University in Roswell New Mexico, students are able to acquire a  comprehensive technical education from a nationally accredited institution that is both affordable and timely in it’s delivery.

Visit Occupational Safety and Environmental Management Technologies at ENMUR to find out more about how you can further your career today!

Michael O’Berry 575-624-7381

52 University Blvd. (OTC Building)

Roswell, NM 88203

Email us at:

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  1. I am interested in free courses.

  2. Sounds Great! Class Starts the second week in January. Email me a list of what you have and I can figure out what you need to fast track your education.

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