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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions and answers.

Q. What is the NCEHSE?
A. The National Center for EHS Education is an centralized gateway for safety/health/environmental education.

Q. Can I trust the training recommended by the NCEHSE?
A. We evaluate training in accordance with National Standards that include: ANSI, OSHA, EPA, and other regulatory agencies. Curriculum must meet these standards as well as accepted practices for adult education and academic rigor for accredited colleges and universities. Our instructors are credentialed and/or have advanced degrees in their specialized fields.

Q. What are the benefits to NCEHSE approved training?
A. Safety, Health, and or Environmental education is required for virtually every business operating in America. There are hundreds of companies and institutions offering different levels of training but many are substandard in their curriculum design or delivery. NCEHSE reviews top level educational providers and helps guide executives, individuals, and training officers in selecting the right type of training to fit their company needs. Many regulatory agencies require that employers provide appropriate training for their employees and insure that the trainers they hire are qualified to do the training. NCEHSE helps employers by identifying qualified trainers and curriculum to meet industry and regulatory requirements.

Q. Can NCEHSE work with my schedule?
A. NCEHSE works with Eastern New Mexico University in Roswell New Mexico (ENMU-R) in outlining career paths for individuals seeking a career in Occupational Safety Engineering and Environmental Management and companies just wanting one class. Approved classes are offered at ENMUR both in-class and/or on-line through the university or their Customized Training division. Customized classes for companies can be held at ENMUR or can be delivered on-location at your facility. Eastern New Mexico University Roswell is a nationally accredited university and criteria for approval is rigorous.

Q. Where does the credits, certifications, and degrees come from?
A. All credits, certificates, and degrees are issued by ENMU-R. NCEHSE is a centralized location where training from different divisions of ENMU-R, training from other universities nationwide, and third party providers can be evaluated, categorized, and approved. ENMU-R is a nationally recognized, accredited, university with high standards for curriculum development, content, and delivery. You can rest assured that classes taken through ENMU-R are of the highest quality you can receive.

Q. I work for a living and don’t think I can make it to class every week, are there flexible hours?
A. Customized training or third party classes are a bit different. These classes are normally held during specific times of the day and require the student to be present during all class hours. However, these classes normally only run for 1-3 days so scheduling is important.

Q. How do I get started?
A. If you are an individual looking for a career, certification, and or degree in Occupational Safety Engineering and Environmental Management you can contact Support@ncehsedu.com or you can contact ENMUR directly at 575-624-7381. Company executives, CEO’s, and or safety officers looking for approved training can contact NCEHSE or the EMNUR Customized Training division at 575-624-7164.

By clicking on a hyperlink, you will open a new tab on your computer that will take you to the ENMUR website. To return to the NCEHSE website, simply click on the open tab at the top of your screen.

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