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(NC-1062) H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Worker Awareness / Refresher Course (1-day class)


In keeping with the ever changing requirements for professional formal training for workers and supervisors NCEHSE is offering a new H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Worker Awareness / Refresher course for 2016. Unlike substandard 4-hour courses that basically teach workers to run when they smell H2S, this full day course helps the worker understand the dangers, signs, symptoms, and mitigation measures they need to take to protect themselves and co-workers while working in and around an H2S environment.

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is a hazardous gas that can be found naturally occurring or as a product of industry in all 50 states. What makes H2S dangerous is that it is invisible and hard to detect until it is too late. It is such a problem in the oil and gas industry that many sites require formal training and issuance of cards and or certificates before entering their locations.

This course meets OSHA & USACE requirements as well as the new ANSI requirements for H2S awareness training.  It is suitable for the new worker or as a refresher for workers who have had H2S training previously. Upon successful completion of the course, a H2S card with required serial tracking number will be issued.

For more information on attending a H2S class visit www.ncehsedu.com and click on the class schedule at the top of the page or call 575-624-7381.

We are currently working on developing standardized curriculum for the oil and gas industry. Starting in the fall, we will put together a task force to help guide our developers as to what is important and needed to be known by O&G employees.

If you would like to help shape training for the next 50 years, let us know by following out blog (just click follow us on the front page) or e-mail us at : oilandgastaskforce@ncehsedu.com

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  1. This is needed very much. This would be a good tool to keep up on the trends and changes in the industry.

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