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Training The Professional Trainer

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Confined Space Competent Person


Help us spread the word and we’ll spread some cash your way!

via Help us spread the word and we’ll spread some cash your way!

Help us spread the word and we’ll spread some cash your way!

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The National Center for Environmental Health and Safety Education (NCEHSE) is proud to announce that it is opening its affiliate program to small business and individuals for 2018. This has the potential for individuals to cut thousands off their personal or small entity training over the coming year. Continue reading

New Classes and Updates for 2018

Keeping the National Center for EHS Education (NCEHSE) at the forefront of training is our mission. For 2018 we will continue to meet ANSI, OSHA, and USACE standards for training and content. There were many changes to OSHA regulations in 2018 and our classes reflect the new materials and requirements.

Along with these new classes NCEHSE is proud to announce the expansion of our affiliate program to not only include corporate partners but individuals as well. Continue reading

Change (or start) Your Career Today!

Eastern New Mexico University Roswell (ENMUR) announces Spring 2018 classes in safety starting January 16. For over 20 years, ENMUR has offered Occupational Safety, Fire and Environmental Management degree classes both online and in class. Our classes are some the most comprehensive classes in the country. Continue reading


Training the Professional Trainer

2017 NCEHSEtrain pro trainer

Trenching and Excavation class moved to Nov 1&2 Roswell NM

The Competent Person class scheduled for later in the week has been moved up to November 1-2 to accommodate a group of students needing the class.