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Competent Person in Trenching and Excavation Class June 22-23

Regardless of the depth, OSHA requires that all trenches be inspected by a designated competent person for possible collapse or other dangers that could be experienced by the workers. OSHA does not recognize experience alone as a qualifier for signing off as the “Competent Person” on the required paperwork / permits and mandates technical training for the person filling that position. Continue reading

Competent Person Permit Required/Confined Space April 12-14

Wanting something more than just  a confined space class? Our Competent Person Permit/Confined space class is designed for individuals involved in identifying, working, controlling, and authorizing the entry into a confined space or permit required confined space. Continue reading

New Classes Added for 2017

We are filling in our 2017 schedule with 1-4 day classes needed for industry compliance. If there is a class you are waiting for, just drop us a note and we will see when we can put it into the schedule!

2017 Spring Schedule for ENMUR/NCEHSE

The spring schedule for ENMUR Occupational Safety and Environmental Management degree program has been released and is open for enrollment. Continue reading

Live Stream Interview With Director of NCEHSE

Follow this like to view the live stream interview with Director Michael O’Berry on NCEHSE classes and an OSHA update.  http://livestream.com/accounts/85948/roswellstalkfm/videos/137012156

STS Prep Course 31 May – June 3

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Course prepares safety personnel to take the STS certification course given by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. Many companies use this course to professionally train their existing safety personnel in a comprehensive program covering their operations. Continue reading

Free Training for those who “follow” our website

If you were one of the great professionals that “follow” our website and keep up with what we are doing, we want to “thank you”! We are offering a free course on “Developing Training Records”….. that won’t send you to jail. OSHA and many other agencies require training records that are accurate, timely, and reflect the current training of EVERY individual working for you. Many large “Bids” require access to company training records in order to place a bid on a contract and refuse companies that can not comply. This class will help you develop training records for your employees that are timely, accurate, and are defend-able. The on-line class will start 26 October and is 15 hours long.*** End time is when you finish the 15 hours, so you can take as long as you want to finish the class (this is a real class and you can get college credit if you are a ENMUR student). If you would like to take advantage of this free class please contact director@ncehsedu.com and we will send you a short registration form so we know who is in the class and arrange for your certificate.

Fall Registration is Just around the Corner

You have decided that 2015 is the year you go after more education in the career you have chosen. We have lot’s of new classes, certifications, and classes available. Classes available are:
SET 104 Hazard Control Engineering (In-class and on-line)
SET 107 Intro to Environmental Engineering (In-class and on-line)
SET 109 H2S Awareness
SET 113 Intro to Design Principles of Construction (on-line)
SET 114 Workplace Safety for Employees- Construction (on-line)
SET 115 Workplace Safety for Employees – General Industry (on-line)
SET 201 Bio Mechanics/ Ergonomics (on-line)
SET 230 Developing Leadership (on-line)
SET 231 Understanding OSHA -General Industry (on-line)
SET 232 Understanding OSHA – Construction (on-line)
SET 233 Oil and Gas Regulations (on-line)

Many of the classes are 8 week classes and are apart of both the degree program and or one of the four certifications offered at ENMUR.

For more information on the classes, take a look at the course descriptions on this site or visit www.roswell.enmu.edu today!

Upcoming Classes This Summer.

No need to wait till fall to get a jump on your career. Classes start June 8, 2015 and run for 8-weeks till July, 31, 2015. All classes are on-line and seating is limited. Don’t wait ….. sign up today! Visit www.roswell.enmu.edu to register on-line for classes.

SET 205 Accident Investigation (online)
SET 109 H2S Awareness ** In class 7am – 2pm Mon-Wed June 29-July 1 OTC Bld.
SET 115 Workplace Safety for Employees (Gen Ind OSHA card) Wed 10am – 2pm, Thur-Fri 7am – 2pm OTC Bld.
SET 113 Design Principles of Const. (online)
SET 114 Workplace Safety for Employees (Const)

In-Class classes are held at the OTC Building on the ENMU-Roswell campus.

Set up your network NOW!

The safety people you meet in classes that you take can be a great source of knowledge now and in the future. By setting up your network of friends and colleagues now, you streamline the process of establishing a support base latter.
What good is a support base you may ask? A support with people who have a common core knowledge is essential in the Occupational Safety field. Many times, I will get a call from a former student asking a question concerning one regulation or another. I even get calls from government inspectors from time to time. What I am trying to say is that we all have questions sometimes and it is nice when you have a trusted cohort that you can call on.
Currently I am setting up the network for NCEHSE.com and I can tell you that it is a daunting task. If it were not for great sites like Linked In and others, it would take years of categorizing contacts into a usable list. You will hear old-timers say, “if I had known then, what I know now, I would have done things differently”. What I am telling you now is DON’T WAIT!
Start by writing down a list of knowledgeable people now that you can turn to if you have a question! First on your list should be any good instructors you may have come across in your training. Next, should be the obvious go-getters in the classes you took. Finally, people who you admire for their knowledge or decision making abilities and last but not least….. your friends. A little work now will save you a lot of legwork in the years to come.
Michael O’Berry is the Director for the National Center for EHS Education (NCESHE) and a safety professional / instructor for over 35 years.