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New Classes and Updates for 2018

Keeping the National Center for EHS Education (NCEHSE) at the forefront of training is our mission. For 2018 we will continue to meet ANSI, OSHA, and USACE standards for training and content. There were many changes to OSHA regulations in 2018 and our classes reflect the new materials and requirements.

Along with these new classes NCEHSE is proud to announce the expansion of our affiliate program to not only include corporate partners but individuals as well. Continue reading

OSHA…..New Rules, New Fines, New Headaches!

2016 Recordkeeping 02

2016 has been a banner year for new changes in OSHA record keeping, new fines, and how OSHA conducts business. Most record keeping classes only touch on some of the requirements of record keeping and its importance. This class goes beyond other recordkeeping classes to include JSA’s, NEW CFR1904 Compliance, Multi-Employer Worksites, and Training Record Creation / Maintenance. Continue reading

Confined Space Competent Person Class June 24-26


There are new requirements for confined space permitting, and the proposed fines and penalties have just gotten higher. OSHA requires that : Continue reading

STS Prep Course 31 May – June 3

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Course prepares safety personnel to take the STS certification course given by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. Many companies use this course to professionally train their existing safety personnel in a comprehensive program covering their operations. Continue reading

Before You Teach Your First Class

You are about to teach your first class…… YOUR FIRST CLASS! This interview covers some helpful tips to help you get through making your first or one hundredth presentation. Derived from the classes on Training the Professional Trainer.

Re-Thinking Train-the-Trainer



Quite often I will get a call in which the caller will want to know “what one class do they need to take to become a safety trainer”? Obviously, it takes experience and technical training to become a professional safety trainer; but the question is not really that far off when you start talking about train-the-trainer classes. Continue reading

Fall Registration is Just around the Corner

You have decided that 2015 is the year you go after more education in the career you have chosen. We have lot’s of new classes, certifications, and classes available. Classes available are:
SET 104 Hazard Control Engineering (In-class and on-line)
SET 107 Intro to Environmental Engineering (In-class and on-line)
SET 109 H2S Awareness
SET 113 Intro to Design Principles of Construction (on-line)
SET 114 Workplace Safety for Employees- Construction (on-line)
SET 115 Workplace Safety for Employees – General Industry (on-line)
SET 201 Bio Mechanics/ Ergonomics (on-line)
SET 230 Developing Leadership (on-line)
SET 231 Understanding OSHA -General Industry (on-line)
SET 232 Understanding OSHA – Construction (on-line)
SET 233 Oil and Gas Regulations (on-line)

Many of the classes are 8 week classes and are apart of both the degree program and or one of the four certifications offered at ENMUR.

For more information on the classes, take a look at the course descriptions on this site or visit www.roswell.enmu.edu today!

We are Changing The Face of Training!

We have changed the face of how accredited and professional training is delivered across America. “Follow our Blog” to be the first to know about new classes, training requirements, and upcoming events that will effect how professional training is delivered and standardized. 

New Classes to be Offered for 2015

CTE 230 – Developing Leadership (2cr)
This course introduces the essential concepts needed to develop leaders in an organization and improve the effectiveness of those already in those positions. Studies include but are not limited to: problem analysis, decision making, building teams, coaching, conflict management, goal setting, and accountability. An introduction to Behavior Based Safety management is included in this curriculum. This course is designed for new and or experienced supervisors, managers, and executives wanting to get the most out of their employees or just wanting to increase their effectiveness.

SET 231 – Understanding OSHA Regulations – General Industry (2cr)
Understanding the OSHA regulations concerning general industry activities is one of the more difficult tasks company owners, managers, and supervisors have to comply with on a daily basis. This course explains the regulations in easier to understand terms, concepts and language. Students taking this course will have a deeper understanding of the how and why of regulation development, insight as to what OSHA is looking for, and the general industry regulation (29CFR1910) applies to their business.

SET 232 – Understanding OSHA Regulations – Construction (2cr)
Understanding the OSHA regulations concerning construction activities is one of the more difficult tasks company owners, managers, and supervisors have to comply with on a daily basis. This course explains the regulations in easier to understand terms, concepts and language. Students taking this course will have a deeper understanding of the how and why of regulation development, insight as to what OSHA is looking for, and how the construction regulation (29CFR1926) applies to their business.

SET 233 – Oil and Gas Regulations (2cr)
Oil and Gas is currently a hot topic and the regulations governing it can be confusing. This course is designed for supervisors, managers, and safety professionals working in the oil and gas industry who want a better understanding of the regulations which include general industry, construction, recordkeeping, ANSI, and API.

SET 241 – H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Instructor Training (2cr)
This course covers the essential elements of ANSI Z390 and Z490 in regards to Hydrogen Sulfide training and what it takes to instruct an H2S awareness course. Students taking this course should have an awareness of the potential dangers of H2S and have a valid H2S awareness certificate or card from an accredited issuing entity that has not expired. Course content covers the ANSI and OSHA standards as well as referencing appropriate API/RP, State Rules, and modeling programs.

SET 240- The Professional Trainer (2cr)
This course covers ideas, concepts, and practices used by professional trainers to teach adults in all aspects of industry. Topics include but are not limited to: Program / course development, goal / objective setting, meeting standards, technology use, and classroom management techniques to increase student comprehension / retention, and instructional compliance. ANSI standards for instruction are used and taught in this course and students will be able to increase their training effectiveness upon successful completion. If you train adults or want to become a trainer then this course is for you.

SET 243- Medic First Aid Trainer (2cr)
Fall 2016
Having trained first aid and CPR individuals is not only a good idea but is required by regulations on many jobsites. Becoming a Medic First Aid Trainer allows experienced individuals to meet that challenge by providing the education and skills needed to instruct others in first aid and life saving skills. This course is perfect for EHS professionals, first responders, and others interested in learning needed skills and helping others save lives.

SET 242- Vehicle Control Safety Officer (2cr)

Vehicle Control Safety Officers (VCSO) are responsible for the management of vehicle fleets both large and small. These individuals supervise and or many times deliver driver training, schedule equipment maintenance, logistics, and are responsible for the drivers assigned to their company. This course is for those individuals looking to meet the requirements of a VCSO and or adding those duties to their job.

Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell

The National Center for Environmental Safety and Health Education is proud to work with Eastern New Mexico University in Roswell New Mexico (ENMUR) in providing quality safety, health, and environmental education to both in-class and on-line students throughout the country and abroad.

Students can take classes both on-line or in class while pursuing their degree in Occupational Safety Engineering and Environmental Management Technologies.  Students are also able to transfer classes and coursework from other approved organizations such as the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) and third party providers while at ENMUR.

In addition to the Associate’s of Applied Science degree, those interested in certifications or a single class can take classes throughout the year. ENMUR now offers customized training both on-campus or at company locations throughout the United States.

Contact Michael O’Berry @ 575-624-7381  for more information.