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  1. Gloria Carbajal

    Hi, so train the trainer course is like the Osha 501 or 511. I got my H2S Instructors Certificate with Teex at the JC in Hobbs, is it the same one that you offer? I’m kinda confused if their is a difference in these courses.


    • The 501 and the 511 belong to TEEX and they don’t accept other courses for their classes. However….. the content of our trainer courses are more intense and designed to go beyond most regular courses. Our courses are designed to be used for college credits in a degree program or meeting stricter government requirements such as USACE among others and meets the content and delivery for ANSI and 4 of our Certifications. But…….if I had to choose any other course (other than ours) I would choose TEEX.

  2. Mike, Would all courses found in the online OHSA training institute: Public Sector Safety and Health Fundamentals – Construction Industry, be accepted by ENMU?

  3. I am looking for the 2018 calendar so I can include some trainings into my FY18 annual budget for safety training.

  4. Bill Henderson

    Michael, I have my CSHO in General Industry and Construction both through TEEX. How much of that would apply towards the AAS?

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