Training Calendar

Here is a list of training events on-line or on-campus coming up at the Roswell NM campus of NCEHSE. To schedule a training session at your location, contact 575-624-7381 or 575-624-7164 and ask about customized training. Please click on the customized training tab above to see a description of the classes and cost for each class. (All classes are tentatively scheduled until class minimums are met).

NCEHSEDU & ENMUR 2018 Schedule

Please note that many classes fill up fast. We close classes at 25 students. You can now use your Visa/Mastercard or pre-authorized PO to pay for your classes. Classes that have a (NC) designation are NCEHSE classes while (SET) classes are a part of the degree plan for Eastern New Mexico University Occupational Safety Engineering and Environmental Management. 

2018 NCEHSE Schedule of Classes

February 2018

Feb 7

(NC-1050c) Creating Compliant Training Records (open)

Feb 8

(NC-1050a) OSHA Recordkeeping  (with 2018 Update) (open)

Feb 9-11

(NC- 3047u) Fall Protection Competent Preson (with 2018 Update) (open)


Feb 15-16

(SET 109) H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness (with 2018 ANSI update and HAZMAT Driver Awareness)  (open)

Feb 17-18

(SET 115) OSHA 10+ General Industry (Full ….Closed)

March 2018

Mar 7-9

(NC-3048) Confined Space Competent Person (with 2018 update Const & Gen Ind) (open)

Mar 14-16

Contract class Arc Flash, LOTO, & Confined Space Electrical Awareness (Limited Seating Available)

Mar 17-18

(SET 115) OSHA 10+ General Industry (Full ….Closed)

Mar 22-23

(SET 115) OSHA 10+ General Industry (Full ….Closed)

Mar 28-31

(NC-4118c) OSHA  30 Hour Construction (Closed)

April 2018

Apr 21-22

(SET 115) OSHA 10+ General Industry (Full ….Closed)

Apr 26-27

(NC-4118g) OSHA 30 Hour for General Industry (open)

May 2018

May  2-5

(NC-4231) EHS Professional Duty Training – OSHA General Industry (open)



4 responses to “Training Calendar

  1. Gloria Carbajal

    Hi, so train the trainer course is like the Osha 501 or 511. I got my H2S Instructors Certificate with Teex at the JC in Hobbs, is it the same one that you offer? I’m kinda confused if their is a difference in these courses.



    • The 501 and the 511 belong to TEEX and they don’t accept other courses for their classes. However….. the content of our trainer courses are more intense and designed to go behold most regular courses. Our courses are designed to be used for college credits in a degree program or meeting stricter government requirements such as USACE among others and meets the content and delivery for ANSI and 4 of our Certifications.But…….if I had to choose any other course (other than ours) I would choose TEEX.


  2. Mike, Would all courses found in the online OHSA training institute: Public Sector Safety and Health Fundamentals – Construction Industry, be accepted by ENMU?


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